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Refraction is a unique and dynamic coworking community serving the business leaders, creatives, and philanthropists of Northern Virginia. Refraction is a curated hub of creativity, collaboration, and innovation that helps businesses build more dynamic teams and grow their company. Collectively our community experiments with ground breaking research and cultural trends to set new standards in business excellence and make the future of work an everyday reality.




Innovation is the name of the game. Every addressable market and global problem requires innovation. Innovation requires engaged employees collaborating. It is as simple and as complicated as that.  Because both collaboration and engagement are cultural phenomenon, our focus is Culture. We have taken it upon ourselves to understand the culture that supports innovation and to help our community fold it into the fabric of their business.


Membership Overview

Scaling a startup is a tough gig. To make it work, founders must attract A-players, inspire their very best work and keep them from burning out. That takes more than desks, free coffee and WIFI. Though our blisteringly fast internet connection speeds really helps! We have studied every aspect of a successful startup office - speaking to entrepreneurs and their teams, boomers, millennials, investors, mentors, unicorns, academics, designers, and architects. The result of this research and consultation has been distilled into our membership benefits.

community membership

$110 per month

7am - 7pm access to all communal and collaborative spaces one day per week. Blisteringly fast internet, fully stocked kitchen, meeting rooms charged per hour.

Single Membership

$350 per month

Dedicated desk on the co-working floor. Meeting room access, blisteringly fast internet, fully stocked kitchen, 10 hours complementary meeting room time.

Team Membership

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You need space, and a lot of it. Usually if you're at the range of 3-10 employees and growing, then this is the best solution for you. Drop us a line to chat!

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Refraction is a curated community, so please apply to join by filling out our Membership Application