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Lunch & Learn: SBA

Learn how leverage technology as a core driver of growth and differentiation

Watch the full Lunch & Learn here on YouTube,

This lunch and learn was focused on how the SBA promotes growth among small businesses through its Technology Coalition program. James Quigley, CEO and Co-Founder of Canvas, will explore how small businesses can and must disrupt themselves if they want to remain competitive and stay in business. 

Canvas has been selected by the SBA as a resource that can help companies to grow more efficiently through the implementation of their software. Other companies that have been given this designation include BoxMicrosoftAmazon Web Services andLegal Zoom.

About the SBA's Technology Coalition

Technology plays a central role in how businesses today start, operate and grow. Yet the latest research shows that more than half do not have a website, measure the results of their marketing or have a social media account. Only about half use digital tools to help with their business accounting.

The Small Business Technology Coalition is committed to helping small businesses leverage technology as a core driver of growth and differentiation. That means increasing digital education and training to Launch, Grow, Operate, and Secure their business.

Content Management/File Sharing

Selecting the right content management solution for your business can transform how your organization works and collaborates to achieve results faster and enables you to focus on your core business. Access files from any device, anywhere, so that you can capture ideas and collaborate in any mode. Popular features include:

File Sync and ShareVendor Collaboration and Content ManagementData Encryption, Governance and RetentionMobile Access and Content Management on any Device

More information about content management and file sharing can be found through our coalition partners:

Cloud Computing and Services

The “cloud” provides rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources that can support critical operations without requiring large upfront investments in hardware purchase and upkeep.  Cloud computing covers a broad set of scalable tools including storage, database, processing, analytics, application, and deployment services.  More information about cloud computing can be found through our coalition partner:

Legal Solutions

Whether you are starting a new business or maintaining the legal compliance of an existing business, educational and legal resources are available to help you form your business and protect your intellectual property.  These services can include:

Trademarks and PatentsDBAEntity Name

More information about legal solutions can be found through our coalition partner:

Online Marketing

Whether you want to attract new customers or target your current customer base, there are many free tools and strategy resources that can help you grow and drive your business.  For example, Facebook’s Blueprint e-learning includes a variety of courses through a customized learning path tailored for SBA and the broader small business community.  More information about online marketing can be found through our coalition partner:

Growing Your Business on Facebook (Getting Started)

Growing Your Business on Facebook (Advanced)

Operations Support

For many small businesses, administrative burdens such as payroll and benefits coordination often fall on the business owners themselves. The complexities of compliance and the headaches of HR administration can impact the growth of the business. Online human resources or payroll platforms can help simplify the steps to on-board and off-board your employees.

Payroll, accounting, and payment services

Education and trainingStreamlined updating for benefits and retirement. More information about operations and support can be found through our coalition partner:

Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) for small business is key to sales and growth, helping your business manage critical customer information in one place.  A CRM can help you analyze and improve customer interactions.

Core CRM tools and resources

CRM as a sales and productivity tool, CRM strategy.

More information about relationship management can be found through our coalition partners.