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Refraction's 3rd Annual: Startup Showcase

Refraction's Startup Showcase is dedicated to bringing the best tech companies from the DMV into contact with out-of-town venture capitalists looking to invest in DC tech. This event is one in a series of three; each event for various stages in a company's growth.

DC has a great angel community, but local companies have struggled finding DC institutions willing to write checks in the $1 million - $10 million range. More and more DC companies are having to look for investors in other regions when they’re getting ready to raise a larger funding round.

Thankfully, we’re seeing an influx of non-local investors who have noticed the excellent caliber of DC companies and are stepping up to the plate. Osage Venture Partners and River Cities Capital Funds are two VC firms with proven track records of investing in DC companies and strong interest in putting more money into the region.

If you are looking for a funding round of $1,000,000+ in the near future, come out to Refraction for this unique pitch off event. Whether you’re looking to pitch (details on the application process below) or just meet investors and lay the groundwork, we can promise that this will be a valuable event to attend.

Who should pitch? Companies which are:

- Post revenue

- Looking to raise a funding round of $1 million + in the near future

- Preferably MRR over $25,000

Apply on the event page