Guest Policy

Am I allowed guests in the space?

Of course! We love having friends of friends in the space. We just ask that you check them in at the front desk upon arrival. That way we can have an accurate count of who all is in the space at any given time. If you know your guests are coming for scheduled meetings, save them time from checking in by pre-registering them.  


Do I have to pay to have a guest here?

No, if you have a guest coming in for a quick (1 hour or shorter) meeting in the open area, or if they stop by for lunch in the kitchens. 

No, if they are coming to one of our events.

No, if you have booked a meeting room in which your guest stays during their time here.

No,  if you have a team office and there is space for your guest to work in it for the duration of their visit.

Yes, if your guest stays in the space for more than 1 hour in an open area or at one of your designated desks. The drop-in rate for such a guest is $35/day/person.



Do you collect my mail?

We have the virtual office plan if mailing service is your primary concern. Community members can request mail service for additional fees. Dedicated Desks and Team offices have mail service included. Business mail only, no personal mail.


How often will I get my mail? How will I know if I have mail?

The Refraction team checks the communal mailbox on a regular basis. Full time desks and team offices will get their mailed delivered to their desk. Remote office and community members will get notified of receiving mail and it is left in their hands to collect upon next time in the office.


Can I purchase/rent storage space?

We unfortunately do not have additional storage space for rent. Every nook of the space has been fitted out for day to day use by the community. Dedicated desks have the option of having one file cabinet that fits under their desk space. Team offices allows members a little more space as they can close belongings behind a door. Storage preferences in offices is up to office renter’s discretion.


Event Space

Can I book the event space?

Yes, it is bookable by request based on availability. A request can be sent via Liquidspace and the Refraction team will get back to you after looking at the events calendar.


Does it cost me anything?

For Refraction members to book the space itself, no. This is your home and part of the space we want you to feel free to use. Depending on the time, date, and size of the desired reservation, there may be other potential fees such as overtime HVAC, security deposit (up to discretion of the Refraction team based on size and nature of the event). We do provide access to the AV equipment in the space.


How far out/last minute can I book the event space?

The space is on a first come basis with our Refraction calendar. All requests go through the Refraction team and we consult our existing reservations, team capacity, and logistics before confirming.


Space Etiquette

What is the general meeting room etiquette?

All meeting rooms are listed on LiquidSpace that require reservation. Reservations ensure a smooth transition for all Refraction members between the many different meetings that take place in one day. Bookings also ensure an accurate representation on the calendar of room availability that assist in planning. Please do not ‘squat’ in a meeting room without booking. We understand that last minute meetings happen - please just book the room online after popping into it.


If someone is in a meeting room when I booked it - what do I do?

It happens to all of us - we tend to lose track of time and linger after a reservation is over. If you have a booked room but the meeting prior is still in there, you have the right to knock and give them the polite “wrap it up, I have this room” look. We all understand!


Do I have to book meeting rooms?

YES! This is not just to be pain, it actually has a purpose and functionality in managing the space. Be sure to book your meetings whenever you have the need to be in a room, big or small. If a Refraction team member sees you in a meeting room that according to Liquidspace you have not booked, we will add your meeting room usage to your account under our best assumption of time used.


Can I eat in a meeting room?

We do not encourage it, but understand that some meetings are meals on the go. We just ask that you clean up after yourself, don’t leave dishes/trash for the person after you or the Refraction team to clean up. Also, please do your best to not bring odorous (good or bad) meals into the meeting rooms. It can make it hard for the person following you to concentrate.


What do I do with my dishes/kitchen utensils?

We have two community kitchens. Help yourself to all the food and beverages available, and make sure to treat them as your own kitchen by cleaning up after yourself. If the dishwasher is dirty, then please by all means rinse your dish and place it in! Please DO NOT slam/shove the door shut! If the dishwasher is running, please keep the sink from filling up by washing your dish and place it on the drying rack. If you have guests, please clean up after them as well! Note: Wood cutting boards DO NOT go in the dishwasher.


Can I grab food from the pantry in the Cafe?

If there is something you see that isn’t out, feel free to help yourself. But please do not rip up the bags/boxes in the pantry. Also, DO NOT rearrange the pantry! This set-up helps us track and monitor inventory and our storage system. (Those who mess with our system are subject to the wrath of Jordan). The corner pantry is for Refraction team members only. Please do not help yourself to any items in this closet.


If I have an office, can I hang things on the walls?

We do not allow members to nail anything into the walls. If you have light weight items that can use command strips, that is fine. As long as there is not permanent damage/alterations to the space. Any damages are subject to be taken from your security deposit.



How do I pay my invoice?

You will receive an invoice from Quickbooks on the 15th of each month. You can pay either by checks payable to Refraction or by using the PayPal link in the bottom of the invoice (not a clickable hyperlink).