Referral Program

We believe in reciprocity and community, so we are excited to invite you to grow Refraction and boost your organization in the process!

Help us grow our community by referring your best and brightest colleagues, contacts, members, and friends to be a part of Refraction. Our existing community and our neighbors in the Reston area are best placed to put us in touch with new members who are as passionate about the local ecosystem as we are. We believe this so deeply, that we are investing up to $10,000 to curate dynamic membership base from the local innovation ecosystem.


 Send a new member our way and we will show our gratitude, and to pay it forward in the community, by giving you $1000* for any referral made that results in a new member taking up residence in one of our offices, or $100* for any referral that makes a home at a full time desk. To compound the power of community and reciprocity, if your referral becomes a community member and then refers another member, they will receive $500* and $50*, respectively, and so will you.

We look forward to further strengthening the ties within our community with your help.


Team Refraction


*Of course, the standard Ts & Cs apply:

  • Referred member must be approved through Refraction’s application process.

  • Referred member must sign and honor a subscription of 3 months or longer.

  • Referred member must sign between June 6 and July 15, 2016.

  • One referral per office only.

  • Referred members must cite your name when asked for referring party.

  • No rainchecks.